Tech Tips 1: HVAC Equipment in Extreme Cold

Is your home and heating system ready for the extreme cold temperatures coming this weekend? Heat pumps and gas furnaces will be running consistently to maintain a comfortable level in your home.  In our first post of our “Tech Tips” series, we have compiled a list of tips for homeowners to keep in mind during the cold, below freezing temperatures.

technician working on heat pump
  • Leave the thermostat set to the same temperature; refrain from adjusting the temperature by several degrees – If you have a heat pump for your home or office, adjusting the thermostat by 3-4 degrees can actually do more harm than good.  The heat pump will call for the back up heat resistance coils to activate, which can be very costly to operate.  Our N.A.T.E certified technicians recommend leaving the thermostat at one temperature or adjusting it by no more than 2 degrees at a time.
  • Set thermostat a few degrees lower than normal – This will help conserve energy.
  • Heat pumps will run on auxiliary frequently to help maintain temperature – The BTU output of the heat pump drops as the outdoor temperature drops. So, depending on the age and how efficient your equipment is, when temperatures outside are well below freezing you could see the auxiliary heat operating more frequently to sustain your home comfort level.
  • You may notice the heat pumps, gas furnaces, and geothermal systems are running more than normal – this is to be expected with temperatures below freezing.
  • Cover or remove any window air conditioners. – This will help eliminate and reduce cold air intrusion.
  • Disconnect hose from outdoor faucet to prevent busting pipes
  • Drip hot and cold faucets in kitchen and bath. Drip single control faucets with lever set in middle.
  • Use a hair dryer, heat lamp, electric heat tape, or a portable space heater to thaw frozen pipes that have not burst.
  • Bring in container plants, add mulch around plants, and cover plants that are prone to frost damage. Remove covering when temperatures warm above freezing.
  • Bring pets indoors
  • Cover drafty windows/doors to prevent cold air intrusion

If you need emergency heating service in the Rehoboth Beach, DE, Salisbury, MD, or surrounding areas, Coastal Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning has 24 hour on call certified technicians and repair service available. Stay warm Delmarva!


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