HVAC Repair VS Replace

HVAC- Repair VS Replace?

The summer heat is on its way – but will your air conditioning system make it through the season? Spring is a great time to evaluate your existing home air conditioning system.  Typically, a routine maintenance is recommended to make sure your system is running efficiently and properly.  Has your system had multiple repairs? A history of refrigerant leaks?  Trouble maintaining desired temperature?  Rather than waiting for the heat of the summer and crossing your fingers your AC system will make it, below are some factors to consider making a proactive decision.

        1. Age

One of the most important factors in determining to repair or replace existing home HVAC system is the age of the equipment. Typically, the lifespan of an HVAC system is 12-15 years, but residents along the coastline like Rehoboth Beach, DE, Lewes, DE and Ocean City, MD could see a reduction in the lifespan due to the corrosion from salt air.  The older the equipment, not only are breakdowns more susceptible, but equipment is less efficient.

       2. Condition

The overall condition of the air conditioning equipment should be evaluated prior to deciding. If proper system maintenance has been performed annually, the equipment may be in better  condition thus last longer. Whereas, a system that has not been properly maintained, the equipment will probably be in worse condition and less efficient.

       3. R22 Phase Out

In compliance with the EPA, the refrigerant “R-22” is being gradually phased out. The phase out is projected to be complete by 2020. Equipment manufacturers stopped manufacturing R-22 equipment in 2010 and parts are also becoming obsolete.  If your system contains this refrigerant, replacing should be favored. The cost of repairs requiring R-22 (i.e leak repair) has skyrocketed due to high demand and reduced supply.

        4. Sizing

A manual J load calculation could be performed to determine correct sizing. Occasionally, when square footage is added to a home, the existing equipment is used to service that area as well but it may push the system over the limits.  It could be a good time to verify the correct sizing of your equipment to ensure the comfort level of your home.

        5. Efficiency

The energy efficiency has drastically improved over the last 10-15 years.  Rather than spending additional monies to repair an outdated inefficient model, invest those funds towards a new energy efficient system that would help reduce your energy bills

        6.  Costs

Repairs that cost approximately 25% of a new system installation and your system is over 10 years old, it’s recommended to replace the system rather than repair. It’s probably not worth investing $1500-$2500 into a system that is near the end of it’s expected lifespan.

         7. Warranty

Replacement parts typically have a 1-year warranty whereas a new system would have at least a 10-year part warranty.

The first step in determining if your system is ready for AC weather and it’s condition is to hire a licensed HVAC contractor in Millsboro, DE, Lewes, DE, Salisbury, MD, Ocean City, MD and surrounding areas.  Trained service technicians can perform a routine maintenance and evaluate the current condition of the equipment.

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