geothermal_page[1]Coastal Comfort is the lead installer of closed loop high-efficiency geothermal systems on Delmarva. At Coastal Comfort, we work the leading well installation company to bring the most innovative and efficient system.  Carrier Geothermal system boasts a 10-year part and labor warranty so you can’t go wrong with this energy saving heating and cooling system! Additionally, with the renewal of the Federal Tax Credits, there has never been a better time to go green with geo.


Geothermal heating and cooling use the constant group temperature below the earth’s surface to efficiently heat and cool.  Conventional air source heat pumps use the outside air temperatures. However, they can range from sub-zero cold in the winter to scorching hot in the summer. The average ground temperature for the Eastern Shore of Maryland & Delaware is around 57 +/- degrees. By using the median ground temperature, geothermal heat pumps can save you thousands of dollars on home energy usage over the system lifetime.

While the initial installation cost of Geothermal heat pumps is higher than a conventional air source heat pump, there are many incentives to help offset the cost.

Current Geothermal Incentives

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • Manufacturer Rebates
  • Delmarva Power Rebates
  • State of Maryland Grants

With the help of these incentives, a homeowner could have a return on their geothermal installation in as little as 5 years.*

*Return on investment varies on eligibility for incentives and all incentives are subject to approval. Please ask for more details.

Closed Loop Systems

A system of 2 or more wells containing plastic tubing that is buried in the ground. The loops contain an antifreeze solution. A heat exchanger transfers heat between the refrigerant and the antifreeze solution.

Vertical Loops

The wells are drilled about 11 feet apart, the holes are approximately 4 inches in diameter, and the depth varies from 100- 400 feet. The vertical loops are connected with a horizontal manifold placed in trenches and are connected to the heat pump in the building.

Hot Water Generator

Domestic hot water is available with the use of a heat pump for pennies a day or even free. A hot water generator is a heat exchanger built into the heat pump and is designed to remove high-temperature heat from the refrigerant gases. A typical hot water generator will generally provide 120° F water and can supply most of the domestic water needs depending on the amount of consumption.


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