HVAC Maintenance – Is It Important?

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Maintenance on your air conditioning system is important and necessary for your home or business air conditioning system.  Just like your car, air conditioning systems need regular tune ups to ensure the safety, efficiency, and reliability of the equipment.

air-purifier-filter-change-smlNot all HVAC issues are preventable, but many service calls can be avoided by proper maintenance of the heating and cooling equipment.  Heat pump and air conditioning systems have evaporator coils and condenser coils that should be cleaned, filters should be replaced regularly, drain lines cleared, and electrical wiring inspected.

A qualified heating and air conditioning technician can discover potential problems before you are without air conditioning in the summer heat and with a broken system.  Some potential problems that could occur if routine maintenance is not performed are:

Dirty Coils: which effect the efficiency and capacity of the system

Clogged Drain:  A clogged drain causes water to not drain properly which can cause water damage to the equipment or even your home- depending on the location of the equipment

Frozen Coils: dirty filters and dirty coils can cause the system to freeze up and operate poorly

Loose Electrical Connections:  during the maintenance all of the electrical connections are inspected

Make an air conditioning maintenance part of your spring cleaning plan. It won’t be too long before you’re relying on your air conditioning system to keep up with the comfort needs of your family during the extreme summer heat coming our way! Maintaining your home HVAC equipment will keep it reliable for years to come.

Coastal Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning is a licensed contractor with offices in Rehoboth Beach, DE and Salisbury, MD and specializes in the maintenance and service of heating and air conditioning equipment.  Visit our maintenance page to learn more about our HVAC maintenance program or contact us for more information.


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