HVAC AC Maintenance


Dirty Air Filter Found During Routine Maintenance

Keeping your home heating and air conditioning system maintained with an HVAC AC maintenance can prevent unnecessary calls for HVAC service.  Dirty coils, dirty filters, low refrigerant pressures, and dirty blower assembly reduce the overall efficiency and performance of your air conditioning system. Thus, reducing the lifespan of your equipment and limiting your home comfort level.

During a routine maintenance, our N.A.T.E certified technicians confirm the coils are clean, which ensures proper air flow through the system.  Also, part of the AC service is to check the refrigerant levels. Equipment with low refrigerant levels run longer and often are unable to maintain the desired comfort level. HVAC Contractors in Millsboro, DE, Salisbury, MD surrounding areas can ensure the air conditioning system is running properly and efficiently.

Additionally, dirty filters not only restrict air flow but also allow dirt to cycle through your HVAC system. Once the air passes through the system,  dirt and dust infiltrate the duct work and the air we breathe. Eventually, the dirt builds up on the coil.  In addition, part of our maintenance program is to ensure proper system drainage. AC equipment creates condensation during normal operation. If drain lines are clogged or condensation pumps are not operating properly, this could cause a backup or overflow of water. which could cause damage to the equipment or your home.

Benefits of HVAC AC Maintenance:

  • Better Performing System
  • Longer System Lifespan
  • Technicians can catch issues before the system malfunctions, thus eliminating potential downtime in the event of equipment failure
  • Healthier, cleaner indoor air quality
  • Peace of Mind
  • Preferred Customer Service

Additional Components of HVAC Maintenance

  • Inspect wiring
  • Measure Amp draws
  • Clean Condenser Coil
  • Inspect Ductwork
  • Treat Drain Pan
  • and more!

At Coastal Comfort, we know the important of HVAC AC Maintenance. To keep your home central HVAC system performing optimally, we recommend a routine maintenance visit biannually.

Coastal Comfort, an HVAC contractor,  has offices located in Rehoboth Beach, DE and  Salisbury, MD.  Our team serves all of Sussex County, Wicomico, Worcester, Somerset, Talbot, and Dorcester Counties.  To learn more about our maintenance program, call MD (410) 742-1435 or (302) 629-4700.


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