Bigger Is Not Better- Air Conditioning Sizing

We’ve all heard the phrase “Bigger Is Better” – but is it when it comes to your heating and air conditioning system?

The answer is simple. No, bigger is not better.   It can be a costly mistake.

If you’re building a new home, remodeling an existing home, or just getting a new air conditioner in an existing home HVAC contractor how they’re planning to size the air conditioner. If they tell you they’re basing it on the size of your house, don’t let them do it.

When sizing heating and air conditioning equipment it is important to consider all of the variables. Such as insulation value, window efficiency, the number of windows/door, and which direction the house faces. As well as many other variables.

When considering an air conditioning installation in the Salisbury, MD or Lewes, DE area, it is important to choose an experienced contractor that can size equipment properly.

An oversized air conditioning system will not be able to remove the moisture from the air thus creating a humid environment. High humidity levels in the home can lead to discomfort and potential mold growth.

Oversized air conditioners don’t run for a long time because they satisfy the cooling load quickly and then shut off. Properly sized air conditioners run longer, so if you want your air conditioner to dehumidify your home as well as cool it, hire a knowledgeable HVAC contractor to size the equipment properly.

For more information about proper air conditioning sizing, contact a licensed HVAC Contractor in Salisbury, MD Rehoboth Beach, DE and surrounding areas.


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